GGGI Annual Report 2021 – Green Bonds

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Publication Date May 2021
Format pdf

2021 Annual Report – Green Bonds

Green bonds have the enormous potential to boost climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts, as they steer investments toward low-carbon and resilient projects and initiatives. Seeing this opportunity, in 2021, GGGI assisted its Members in issuing green, social, and sustainability bonds to accelerate the transition toward a sustainable and inclusive economy.

GGGI’s support in 2021 led to the mobilization of USD4.7 billion from domestic and international capital markets, including the issuance of the Government of Peru’s first sustainability bond for USD3.25 billion and the country’s first social bond for EUR1 billion, as well as collaboration with NAFIN – Mexico’s second largest development bank – to issue the bank’s first sustainability bond for USD371 million. With GGGI’s strong expertise and growing portfolio of green bond initiatives, it is able to utilize green bonds to increase the flow of finance to NDC- and SDG-aligned projects for its Members.

Considering this, the Annual Report 2021 showcases GGGI’s work in Green Bonds, as well as highlights GGGI’s results from the year, including USD5.1 billion in green investments, 50,000 green jobs created, 76 green growth policies adopted by 18 Members, and other achievements in line with its attributed strategic outcomes and intermediate outcomes of catalyzing green investments, developing green growth and national policy frameworks, and knowledge sharing and capacity building. The Annual Report also features success stories from countries with GGGI-supported projects, to underscore their efforts to accelerate low-carbon and climate-resilient green growth.