Fiji NDC Implementation Roadmap

At a Glance

Publication Date November 2017
Format pdf
Country Fiji
Thematic Area Sustainable Energy

Fiji’s current Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) is specific to the energy sector both in terms of a GHG (greenhouse gas) baseline, with 2013 as the reference year, and in terms of potential mitigation actions. The overall mitigation target in the NDC is to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% from a BAU (Business As Usual) baseline scenario in 2030, by striving to reach 100% renewable energy power generation and through economy-wide energy efficiency. The goal of the NDC Implementation Roadmap 2017-2030 is to provide a temporal pathway with concrete mitigation actions and financing needs to achieve the transformational change called for under the NDC.

In the NDC Implementation Roadmap, mitigation actions under the energy sector are divided between the three sub-sectors of Electricity Generation and Transmission, Demand-Side Energy Efficiency, and Transportation. The implementation of the identified mitigation actions under the Roadmap is divided into short-term (2017-2020), medium-term (2021-2025), and long-term (2026-2030) action periods, whereas all mitigation actions in the Roadmap are closely aligned to existing national policies, strategies, and plans.