Evaluation of Rwanda Country Program (Ongoing)

In 2021, IEU is undertaking an Evaluation of the Rwanda Country Program. Rwanda was signatory to the Agreement on the Establishment of GGGI in June 2012 and formally became a Member to GGGI in September 2016. GGGI’s operations began in Rwanda in 2013 and operations matures in 2016 with the publication of a five-year Country Planning Framework that structured GGGI’s support around three outcomes (1) Rwanda’s urbanization is guided by green growth principles; (2) Resource-efficient, low-carbon technologies and infrastructure solutions are understood and prioritized in urban development projects; and (3) Sustainable financial instruments support green growth projects.

The Evaluation of the Rwanda Country Program will assess the country team’s progress and achievements between 2015 and 2020 and is structured around four key evaluation questions:

  1. Has the program identified clear country goals/targets to aim for?
  2. Has the program identified, and made progress along clear pathways to impact?
  3. Is the intervention replicable and can it be scaled up?
  4. Is GGGI’s operational structure enhancing the delivery of results and communication within the organization?

The Evaluation was part of IEU’s 2021 and 2022 Annual Evaluation Workplans developed in consultation with GGGI’s Management Team and the Council’s Management Program Sub-Committee (MPSC). The evaluation report is scheduled to be published in April 2022.