Evaluation of GGGI Peru Country Program (2019)

At a Glance

Publication Date March 2019
Format pdf
Country Peru
Thematic Areas Forest (Sustainable) Landscapes, Cross Cutting, Climate Resilient and Green Growth

GGGI has been supporting the Government of Peru since 2013, focusing on four areas including forestry, water, green growth, and public sector eco-efficiency.

Objective and scope

The objective of this Evaluation was to highlight and consider lessons for the planning of future projects. It covered selected outcomes of GGGI’s Peru Country Program from 2013 to 2018.

Key evaluation questions

  1. How has GGGI’s work made a difference to the development or implementation of forestry, water, public sector eco-efficiency, and green growth policies?
  2. What have been the key factors that have supported or hindered the achievement of project outcomes?
  3. How does the Government of Peru view GGGI’s performance in terms of engagement and value add? How could this be improved?

Key findings

  • GGGI made a difference and played an important role in all four projects through providing technical inputs and planning documents that formed the basis for elaborating policies and plans.
  • Had shortcomings in the identification of expected outcomes within defined time frames and public direct counterparts for project implementation in early projects that were conducted before the establishment of the Peru country office.
  • Strategic alignment and complementarity between government needs/commitments and GGGI’s strategic frameworks was limited during early period.
  • Political instability, constant rotation of key counterparts, and slow and inefficient implementation processes in the public sector has hampered the achievement of outcomes.
  • GGGI’s capacity to adapt to changing situations and priorities, sound technical expertise, excellent mediation and facilitation skills are the key factors enabling success and added values.
  • Main added value of GGGI is its ability to establish strong relationships with and within key stakeholders.


  • Create a more long-term strategic, holistic and integrated approach to green growth and align all projects and activities with this overarching goal
  • Seek more continuity of projects from the strategic planning to the implementation level.
  • With the support of GGGI headquarters, improve project design, monitoring and reporting approaches.
  • Engage more with the international, regional and sub-national levels, and continue engaging operational staff at the ministries that are less affected by changes in government.
  • Create a communication strategy to improve brand positioning.

Management response

  • Contained in the main evaluation report.

Evaluation summary

Background documents

  • An Approach Paper was published in April 2018 providing an overview of the Peru program as well as the proposed evaluation design, methodology, and workplan.