Evaluation of GGGI Mexico Country Program (2018)

At a Glance

Publication Date April 2018
Format pdf
Country México
Thematic Areas Sustainable Transport, Climate Resilient and Green Growth

In 2017, the IEU commissioned an evaluation of the Mexico Country Program to gather evidence of GGGI’s results in Mexico between 2013-2017 and to advise improvements for future program design and delivery. The key evaluation questions centered upon (1) What were the main outcomes (intended/ unintended/ positive/ negative) achieved by the Mexico Country Program across its five program areas; (2) Under the transport and air quality program areas, how much progress has been made against the program logic to enable the development of clean, high quality, efficient and inclusive public transport and improving air quality in Mexico? Is there sound evidence to support the theory of change underpinning this logic? (3) How can GGGI Mexico Country Program build on previous results to scale, replicate and maximize impacts in the transport and air quality program areas?

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