Enabling Green Growth in Indonesia’s Peatlands

At a Glance

Publication Date October 2020
Format pdf
Country Indonesia
Thematic Areas Forest (Sustainable) Landscapes, Cross Cutting

Peatlands play a critical role in the provision of ecosystem services, particularly carbon storage and the natural regulation of water flow. Around 40% of Indonesia’s total GHG emissions come from peat fires and degradation, which also cause billions of dollars in damages to health and livelihoods. To reach its NDC emissions reduction targets and mitigate further damage, Indonesia needs to conserve its remaining peat swamp forests, finance the restoration of degraded peatlands, and sustainably mange restored areas. Since 2015, policies and laws governing peatlands have been strengthened, but more needs to be done. The insight brief recommends a comprehensive policy framework to phase out peatland drainage and develop ecologically sound, landscape-wide management and protection supported by business-based investment and incentives. Enabling Green Growth in Indonesia’s Peatlands_October2020