Developing Rwandan Secondary Cities as Model Green Cities with Green Economic Opportunities : Green City Framework and Guidelines

At a Glance

Publication Date November 2018
Format pdf
Country Rwanda
Thematic Areas Green Cities, Forest (Sustainable) Landscapes, Sustainable Energy, Cross Cutting

The Component 2 report aims to explore the overall national planning framework and put in place planning and implementation guidance for realizing the vision of Rwanda’s secondary cities as green cities.

Component 2 builds on the foundation of Component 1 to propose a definition and vision to serve as the guiding principle for green secondary city development.

It explores how this might be realized in the context of lessons learned from relevant international practices (Chapter 2), the national and local economic development contexts, the framework for green growth, and by analyzing two possible national development scenarios (Chapter 3) which inform the overall structure of the green city guidelines and framework which follow (Chapter 4). This leads to a preliminary ‘Green City Readiness Assessment’ using the information and data available to the study and on the basis of the different planning scenarios and guidelines considered in Chapters 3 and 4 respectively. Finally, Chapter 6 comprises the production of a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework intended for use by national and city level governments, which adopts a set of indicators that relate to the green city framework and guidelines and to the capacity for data collection, both existing and proposed