Communities for Resilience Modules and Manuals published to build local government capacities in the Philippines

At a Glance

CaptureOn August 10, 2017, GGGI together with the Climate Change Commission (CCC) published the Communities for Resilience (CORE)-Support Ecotown Modules and Manuals to support the Philippine Government in building local government capacities in mainstreaming climate resilience and green growth in local development plans. Through the CORE Program, CCC understands that building resilience requires a whole-of-society approach and that the starting point for this is the integration of disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation and mitigation (CCAM) into the development policies, plans and programs of the national government and local government units (LGUs), especially in areas that are highly susceptible to the impacts of climate change.

The CORE Modules include technical concepts, methodologies and case studies on CORE approaches such as the Environment and Natural Resources Accounting, Project Development, and Geographic Information System. To support the technical modules, training manuals which will serve as step-by-step guide on how to organize and facilitate trainings specific to each module were also published. The menu of methodologies and tools being offered under these modules intends to raise national awareness and competence among national and local government institutions, civil society, private sector, and communities.

Ensuring that the development of the modules and manuals is consistent with GGGI’s thrusts several orientations, consultations and trainings were conducted in 2016.

Modules and Manuals:

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