Burkina Faso – Country Planning Framework 2019-2023

At a Glance

Publication Date June 2023
Format pdf
Country Burkina Faso
Thematic Area Cross Cutting

The CPF was developed through an inclusive stakeholder consultation involving national and local government representatives, development agencies, CSOs, private sector, and training and research institutions. This process was supported by data analysis and was aligned with GGGI’s organizational priorities and national goals. The CFP was developed under 3 strategic outcomes :

  • Strategic Outcome 1: Burkina Faso’s cities are climate-resilient, energy efficient, and low- carbon driven.
  • Strategic Outcome 2: Burkina Faso’s ecovillages are more inclusive and resilient, leading to enhanced adaptation to climate change and an adequate supply of ecosystem services ensured.
  • Strategic Outcome 3: Green investment in energy, water & sanitation, and landscape sector leads to decreased GHG emissions and Increased green jobs.