2021 Annual Evaluation Workplan

At a Glance

Publication Date January 2021
Format pdf

This document outlines the Annual Evaluation Workplan for 2021. GGGI’s Evaluation Rule 3.2 states that each year IEU will prepare an Annual Evaluation Workplan outlining the proposed evaluations to be conducted for the year, the rationale and purpose of each proposed evaluation, and the indicative timing. Rule 3.2 continues that, in addition to outlining the proposed evaluations to be conducted, the Annual Evaluation Workplan will describe other planned activities that support the achievement of GGGI’s evaluation objectives.

The Annual Evaluation Workplan for 2021 is comprised of the following areas of work:

• Thematic evaluations;
• Impact Pathway Reviews of country programs;
• Mainstreaming GGGI’s impact agenda, and M&E support in projects and programs; and
• Strengthening the green growth impact agenda.

Each of these areas is described further below. IEU has adapted its approach to carry out its planned work in response to the restrictions from the COVID19 pandemic and to support GGGI’s key priorities in 2021 as the first year of implementation of Strategy 2030.