2018 Annual Report: Partnering to Catalyze Green Growth

At a Glance

Publication Date January 2019

Recognizing the importance of partnerships to deliver at greater scale and impact, GGGI has committed to identifying and engaging with partners that share its mission. In 2018, GGGI developed over 70 partnerships in the delivery of 30 projects. GGGI’s diverse partnerships count governments, financial institutions, the private sector, academics institutions in developing and developed countries, intergovernmental organizations, and global initiatives and platforms that bring together stakeholders and scale-up green growth impact.

GGGI’s development of longer-term partnerships with stakeholders benefit its Member and partner countries and the organization itself. Prioritizing delivery of work with strategic partners rather than outsourced consultancies allows GGGI to build its in-house capacity and better maintain and share knowledge gained though project implementation. GGGI’s growing network of partners provide Member and partner countries with increasing opportunities to leverage knowledge and capacity and mobilize climate finance to realize green investments.

For the full 2018 Annual Report, visit 2018 Annual Report website.