Pumps Solarization for Agriculture: Joint Mission GGGI, FONSIS, SAED in the valley down Senegal river


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September 21-23, 2020 – The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), FONSIS, & SAED went on a joint mission to local agricultural installations in rice-farming irrigated gardens in the valley located down the Senegal river.


Sites :

In Dagana, 120 KM from Saint Louis and north of Senegal, a 135kwc solar power plant is the main infrastructure serving the community of farmers, which is able to operate over 400 ha on 3 campaigns per year. The gardens are managed by the local community of farmers & the hydraulic agricultural union following a  concession agreement signed with SAED ( Natioanal Society of agricultural lands and installations). The plant is funded by Green Wish, an investment society specialized on green energy in the Sub-Sahara region.

In Diawar, located 68km from Ross Bethio, the Boundoum community of farmers welcomed the delegation. They manage a plant with five (05 ) electro-pumps connected and operating over 3334ha.

The final site is managed by rice farmers in the Diama district. 2500 ha are furnished for youth and women

Technical & financing support for all operations :

In summer, the dry season, rice farmers are still producing the same average area sown. Horticultural cultivations are dedicated to the dry period with SAED technical support through capacity building offered to local operators and pumps solarization. It conducts to improve returns.

As the equipment is pushed to the limit, the Develoment French Agency AFD intends to develop an Equipment renewal program at the level of the valley region.

It is Expected :

A brainstorm between GGGI, SAED. FONSIS, and Banque Agricole in order to define a common vision while the QFFD proposal is underway. The SAED Director-General received the delegation and demonstrated interest on collaboration for resource mobilization and a three-part MOU signing.