Project Reference Profiles – Vanuatu(VU07) Mobilizing the Vanuatu Private Sector Towards Climate Change Action

At a Glance

Strategic Outcomes SO6 Enhanced adaptation to climate change
Start Date Q1  Apr 17 2019
End Date q1 Dec 31 2020
Funding Source Earmarked
Actual Budget (USD) 225,009
Budget Percentage 37%
Actual Expenditure (USD) 82,475
Status Active
GGGI Share (USD) 225,009
Poverty and Gender Policy Markers poverty, gender
Name of Client (Lead/Prime implementer if GGGI is part of a consortium) Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation, Meteorology, Geo-Hazards, Energy, Environment and Disaster Management
Participating Organization (Funding/donor) GCF
Name of consortium members, if any Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) – an MoU was signed, the Vanuatu Business Resilience Council (VBRC)
Thematic Area
  • Cross Cutting
GGGI Project Code :
Project Manager and Staff +

Project context, objectives and description

This Readiness proposal, initiated by the VBRC of the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Climate Change, aims to support the enabling of private sector participation in pursuit of Vanuatu’s long-term CCDRR and climate finance goals. Moreover, the GCF-Vanuatu Country Programme includes private sector as a vital group which will enable a paradigm shift and Vanuatu aims to engage strongly with the private sector on climate change, leverage private sector expertise and resources as well as develop strong public private partnerships. 

The project objective is to improve VBRC’s institutional capacity, enhance access to climate finance through information dissemination, provide trainings for project preparation, development of project pipeline and facilitation of resilience building trainings for local business and industry. A focus will be placed on fostering an enabling environment for increased private sector investment, such as promoting opportunities for new Public-Private Partnerships with a particular focus on tourism and agriculture but also including other sectors which need to adapt or could contribute to mitigation (e.g. water, forestry, infrastructure). This project is aligned with IO3. Improved multi-directional knowledge sharing and learning to empower local and external agents necessary to drive green growth processes in partner governments. 

Type of services provided, and results achieved

Impact: This proposal will support the enabling of private sector participation in pursuit of Vanuatu’s long-term CCDRR and climate finance goals. This project will contribute to SO6 – to enhance adaption to climate change. 

Outcome: N/A (in progress: Climate finance strategies and project pipeline strengthened for the Vanuatu private sector, through institutional capacity buildingcreation of Project Preparation Unit and development of project concept note, and strengthening knowledge on business resilience. 

Project Outputs completed in 2019: 

i. Green Growth Policies:None completed for 2019, however in 2020early the project is expected to complete 3 year Vanuatu Business Resilience Strategy and Results Framework.  

ii. Green Investments:None completed for 2019, however in 2020 about 4-5 project business resilience concept notes will be developed from an initial call for proposal identifying about US$102 worth of projects.

iii. Capacity Building and Knowledge Products:  

  • Development and operationalization of a public website/portal tailored for private sector under VBRC, including climate finance information. 
  • Scoping, assessment and procurement of an appropriate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information system for VBRC. 
  • Enabled attendance at 2 capacity building events for VBRC members: 1) Pacific Regional Federation of Resilience Professionals and 2) Sustainable Islands Tourism Conference (santo, Vanuatu)

Number of staff provided

Project Manager: Christopher Simelum 

Julie RoblesKaterina Syngellakis, Paul Kaun, Rosi Banuve, Yunae Nam