Project Reference Profiles – Uganda(UG07) Increasing Solid Waste Diversion and Recycling in Kampala

At a Glance

Strategic Outcomes SO1 Reduced GHG emission, SO3 Increased access to sustainable services
Start Date Q1  Jan 1 2019
End Date q1 Dec 31 2020
Funding Source Core
Actual Budget (USD) 35,461
Budget Percentage 94%
Actual Expenditure (USD) 33,207.79
Status Complete
GGGI Share (USD) 35,461.20
Poverty and Gender Policy Markers poverty
Name of Client (Lead/Prime implementer if GGGI is part of a consortium)
Participating Organization (Funding/donor)
Name of consortium members, if any
Thematic Area
  • Green Cities
GGGI Project Code :
Project Manager and Staff +

Project Context, Objectives and Description

The project aims at ensuring that 30% of waste is recycled in Kampala, Uganda by 2020 which can be made possible through two outputs: i.) Building the capacity of waste collectors and recyclers to undertake upkeep of recyclable materials as well as to monitor the implementation of recycling through developing a Waste Diversion tool; ii.) Ensuring that at least 4 recycling companies access green financing through development of investment teasers and linking them to potential financiers. 

This project is aligned with IO1 Strengthened green growth policies; IO2 Increased green investment flows; and IO3 Improved knowledge sharing and capacity building. 

Type of services provided, and results achieved

Impact:  Kampala Attains 30% Waste Recycling. 

Outcome: N/A 

Project Outputs completed in 2019 

i. Green Growth Policies:N/A

ii. Green Investments:N/A

iii. Capacity Building and Knowledge Products: N/A 

Number of staff provided

Project Manager: George Asiimwe 

Number of staff provided: Dagmar Zwebe, Denis Kangere Asiimwe, Mariah Kizza, Sengozi David Kyeyune.