ET3 Cooperation with IMELS in the field of climate change vulnerability, mitigation and adaptation

At a Glance

Strategic Outcomes SO1 Reduced GHG emission, SO2 Creation of green jobs, SO3 Increased access to sustainable services, SO6 Enhanced adaptation to climate change
Start Date Q3  20170929
End Date q2 20190531
Funding Source Earmarked
Actual Budget (USD) 37,695
Budget Percentage 105%
Actual Expenditure (USD) 39746
Status Complete
GGGI Share (USD) 0
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Thematic Area
  • Cross Cutting
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Project Manager and Staff +

Project context, objectives and description

GGGI and MEFCC (now EFCCC) signed an MOU on CRGE Cooperation on 8 March 2016, which establishes the framework of cooperation and collaboration in the promotion of programs, research and joint activities in support of capacity building and green economic growth for Ethiopia. The MOU agreement is further reinforced by the Project Agreement made by the two Parties on the CPF (2016-2020), signed on 19th May 2016, which establishes the required working arrangements for supporting the successful implementation of CRGE, to further support green growth and to further mitigation according to the Government’s set Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). This work is grounded in the following pillars: Green growth planning; Green Investment Services; Capacity Building and Evidence-based decision-making.

This is the context in which GGGI and the Ministry of Environment Land and Sea of the Republic of Italy (IMELS) have initiated cooperation in the field of Climate Change Vulnerability, Mitigation and Adaptation in Ethiopia, formalized in a Contribution Agreement, signed on 29 September 2017. This agreement is further supported by an MOU between the MEFCC and IMELS, on Cooperation in the Field of Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change, signed 12 September 2017.

The overall objective of the project is:

  • To support the GoE with identifying and promoting bankable projects and technology transfer opportunities, providing ad hoc capacity building activities in the field of renewable energy, early warning systems, sustainable agriculture and water resource management, with the aim of supporting sustainable development, local job creation and fostering international partnerships.

Type of services provided, and results achieved

Impact: N/A

Outcome: N/A

Project Outputs completed in 2019:

i. Green Growth Policies: N/A

ii. Green Investments:

  • Advisory outputs for inform NFVs, bankable projects or investment proposals: Bankable Project – Through close consultation with relevant stakeholders from EFCCC and other CRGE line ministries four potential thematic priority areas were identified and project profiles were developed. These include: i.) Promoting Sustainable Energy Supply for the Urban and Industrial Areas with Solar Energy Systems in Ethiopia; ii.) Building Resilience and Enhancing Livelihood of Rift Valley Communities through Integrated Climate Smart Agriculture and Natural Resources Management; iii.) Institutional Strengthening for MEFCC’S Climate Change Sector Development in Ethiopia; and iv.) Bamboo Production-Driven Forest and Landscape Restoration for Sustainable Biodiversity Management in Ethiopia. Of the four profiles, two projects #ii and #iii were endorsed by both EFCCC and IMELS for further project proposal development to mobilize potential funding.
  • Full project proposal development is planned for the subsequent phase of this project.

iii. Capacity Building and Knowledge Products:

  • Total of two capacity building activities in the form of workshops on NDC readiness workshop and B2B meetings on opportunities in the framework of the Italian Environmental cooperation activities in the horn of Africa.

Number of staff provided

Project Manager: Innocent Kabenga

Dauda Suma, Ida Demmellash, Milite Gebreselassie, Nardos Dest