LK09 Sri Lanka Sustainable Finance Program: Supporting Thematic Bond Issuance and DNS Transaction

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Strategic Outcomes
Start Date Q4  2022
End Date q4 2024
Funding Source Core
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Status Active
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GGGI Project Code : LK09
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Sonali Senaratna Sellamuttu

Country Representative Sri Lanka and Team Leader GCF NAP Program

Project Overview

The objective of this technical assistance program is the support the Sri Lankan government in enhancing its ability to access capital markets and develop strategic frameworks for issuing thematic bonds and conduct a debt for nature swap transactions; in order to raise affordable long-term financing for climate change adaptation and mitigation projects and programs. The project will focus on building the government’s capacity for enhanced capital market access, while placing a strong emphasis on the debt for nature swap component. The thematic bond framework will serve as a prerequisite to guide the proceeds of the bond issuance and the fundamental guiding document for a DNS transaction.