AE11 Green Agenda Policy Advisory

At a Glance

Strategic Outcomes SO2 Creation of green jobs, SO3 Increased access to sustainable services
Start Date Q1  01 Mar 2020
End Date q4 31 DEC 2023
Funding Source Earmarked
Actual Budget (USD) 584,000
Budget Percentage %
Actual Expenditure (USD)
Status Active
GGGI Share (USD)
Poverty and Gender Policy Markers
Name of Client (Lead/Prime implementer if GGGI is part of a consortium) Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE)
Participating Organization (Funding/donor) Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE)
Name of consortium members, if any
Thematic Area
  • Cross Cutting
GGGI Project Code : AE11
Project Manager and Staff +
Kirstin Morrison

Senior Green Growth Analyst

Project Overview

In January 2015 the UAE Cabinet approved the UAE Green Agenda 2030 (“Green Agenda”), a framework for implementing the UAE’s Green Growth Strategy.  The UAE’s Green Agenda was developed in consultation with various stakeholders and with the support of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI).  The Agenda has five strategic objectives:

Competitive Knowledge-Economy
Social development and quality of life
Sustainable environment and valued natural resources
Clean energy and climate change
Green life and sustainable use of resources

To achieve the five strategic objectives of the Green Agenda, 12 main programmes and 31 subprogrammes were identified alongside 10 headline Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and 31 other KPIs to monitor progress of the UAE’s Green Agenda.

With five years since its adoption and ten years left to run, the purpose of this project was to take stock and evaluate the progress made thus far to identify how to best meet the objectives of the UAE Green Agenda over the next ten years, drawing on lessons learnt from the first five years.  As part of the evaluation, all national and local emirate level initiatives that could have contributed to the Green Agenda over the last five years will be identified and assessed, as will the performance of the Green Agenda’s KPIs.  An assessment will also be made on how well aligned the Green Agenda is to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Following this analysis, recommendations will be made on how the performance and monitoring of the UAE’s Green Agenda could be improved in the future.

Project Results


  1. Transition toward green economy through the implementation of Green Agenda initiatives
  2. Achievement of the UN sustainable development goals
  3. Transition towards a more diversified, knowledge-based economy


  1. Enhanced effectiveness of the UAE’s Green Agenda
  2. Improved Alignment between the UAE’s Green Agenda and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  3. Improved system for monitoring and evaluating sustainable development in the UAE


  1. Comprehensive mapping of current and future programs and projects related to the Green Agenda
  2. Evaluation of UAE initiatives that could contribute to the Green Agenda objectives
  3. Benchmarking and evaluation of the Green Agenda’s Key Performance Indicators
  4. Recommendations on how the implementation and monitoring of the Green Agenda could be improved including how it could be better aligned to the UN SDGs
  5. “Refreshed” UAE Green Agenda 2030, modified to better communicate its objectives and results