Project Launch Workshop: Empowering Local Non-State Actors and Vulnerable Communities for Climate Action and Resilience

On Thursday, March 04, 2021, the launching ceremony of the project Empowering Local Non-State Actors and Vulnerable Communities for Climate Action and Resilience in Senegal took place. The event was presided by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MINEDD), co-presided by the representative of Civil Society Organization, and GGGI, represented by Dr. Malle Fofana.

GGGI obtained funding from the Open Society for West Africa (OSIWA) to provide support to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and their influences in advocacy for the fight against climate change. The main objective of the project is to make the voice of civil society more conspicuous and to strengthen its influence at the national, regional and international level in climate negotiations.

The ceremony, organized at Seen hotel Abidjan Plateau, had the following objectives: (i) officially mark the beginning of the project; (ii) inform the civil organizations about the activities to be undertaken to facilitate a synergy of action; (iii) take stock of the knowledge of civil society actors on climate actions; (iv) discuss the format for the capacity building activities to be completed; and (v) foster a better understanding, ownership of the project by all the actors involved.

The workshop was opened by the representative of the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Mr. KOUAHO Léopold, Technical Advisor to the Minister. In his speech, Mr. KOUAHO expressed the commitment of the ministry to fully support the project initiative and its objectives towards the civil society. He also showed the significant contribution of civil society organizations based on international law and framework. His speech was followed by the presentation of Mr. Mallé Fofana, Country Representative of GGGI in Côte d’Ivoire who introduced the organization and its goals; spoke about the current global climate context which requires the adhesion and commitment of various stakeholders including the Civil society.

The Ceremony ended after sharing the major activities and expectations of the project. Open discussions also allowed civil society organizations to share their experiences in the fight against climate change and most encountered difficulties. Ms. Adiko Ange, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MINEDD), closed the workshop by expressing her gratitude to all participants for their contributions and attendance.