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Philippines Eco-town Project Gains Presidential and Local Support

SAN VICENTE, PHILIPPINES – March 5, 2014 – The Demonstration of the Eco-town Framework Project, a joint initiative of the GGGI and the Climate Change Commission (CCC) of the Philippines to demonstrate how at-risk municipalities can become ecologically stable and economically resilient to climate change, has received support from Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino III and a formal endorsement from a municipal government in the province of Palawan adopting the project results.

The bulk of GGGI’s work took place in San Vicente, Palawan, a town highly vulnerable to sea-level rises, coastal inundation, flooding, and drought.

The project included a series of recommendations for climate change adaptation, including modernizing farming practices, introducing more climate-resilient crops, establishing sea walls and dikes, and setting up an early warning system. The measures were proposed to the government for “climate proofing” their economic development plans. (Read more about the measures and view the project brochure.)

On February 5, the Municipal Legislative Council of San Vicente passed Resolution No. 2014-16, which adopts the results of the analysis of the project, including the recommended adaptation measures. The local government also passed Resolution No. 2014-17 “expressing thanks and appreciation” to GGGI and the CCC for their collaborative work in San Vicente.

Additionally, in a meeting with his cabinet in late January, President Aquino expressed strong appreciation for the achievements of the Eco-town Project as well as an interest in scaling up the initiative to other municipalities.

“We are pleased that our work has received an informal endorsement from the President and resounding approval from the town of San Vicente,” said Imran Habib Ahmad, GGGI’s Director of East Asia and Pacific. “The passing of the resolution is the first step toward incorporating green growth plans into the local development plans of San Vicente. We hope after this milestone to now take this project and adopt it on a wider scale throughout the Philippines.”

As a next step, GGGI will monitor with CCC how San Vicente will translate the resolution into concrete initiatives that generate green growth and enhance climate resilience.

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