Press Release

Palawan Adopts Province Wide Ordinance on Climate Resilience and Green Growth

PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES – December 6, 2017 – Palawan Province, dubbed the Philippine’s “Last Frontier”, enacts legislation to chart local development that is climate resilient, inclusive, sustainable and green.  Provincial Ordinance No. 1865: “Prescribing the Climate Resilience and Green Growth Framework for the Province of Palawanwas signed by Palawan Governor, Hon. Jose Ch. Alvarez.

The ordinance mandates that all national government agencies, provincial government offices and functionaries, and all local government units in the Province of Palawan climate proof their respective plans, projects and programs in accordance with the “Palawan Climate Resilient Green Growth Framework”.  It also enjoins regulatory agencies to adopt the said Framework in their review of applications for permits and licenses for relevant activities in the Province.

The Palawan Climate Resilient Green Growth Framework was developed under the “Climate Resilient Green Growth Planning Project (CRGG Project)”, which is implemented through the partnership of the Palawan Provincial Government, the Climate Change Commission (CCC), and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI).

“GGGI is keen to support the Province of Palawan to help pursue the projects embodied in the ordinance by building on strong local partnerships and mobilizing GGGI global experience and network,” said Mr. Suki Atwal, GGGI Philippine Country Representative.

“The issuance of Ordinance 1865, which is a local law, demonstrates the commitment of the Provincial Government of Palawan to concretely address the impacts of climate change now and in the coming years by mainstreaming climate resilience and green growth-related measures in the different development sectors and mandating concerned stakeholders to abide by the same,” said Board Member Albert G. Rama, principal author of the provincial ordinance.

The signing of PO No. 1865 is a key step for the Province of Palawan to have a common lens in the design and implementation of programs, projects and related initiatives that respond to the challenges of climate change and the need to promote inclusive growth.

“The passage of this ordinance manifests the unified stance of the Provincial Government in addressing the impacts of climate change. As a province-wide ordinance, it provides the legal basis for bringing together stakeholders from the public and private sectors such that climate resilience and green growth are seen and acted upon as a priority interest,” said Ms. Ninfa Rubio, Planning and Development Coordinator and Head of the CRGG Project Team.

In the long run, it will support efforts to reduce climate change related damages and increase the use of renewable energy in the Province of Palawan by 2022 as it also outlines key strategies in support of policies and projects in various sectors such as agricuture, infrastructure, forestry and biodiversity, social, water resources, tourism and coastal and marine.