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Opening doors for greater GGGI collaboration in China

cropped 3BEIJING, China – August 27, 2015 – The Global Green Growth Institute recently traveled to China to meet with high-level government officials and discuss new areas of potential green growth collaboration in the world’s second largest economy.

From August 19 to 21, GGGI’s Assistant Director General, Per Bertilsson, held a series of meetings with officials from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the State Council Development Research Center, the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, and the Policy Research Center for Economy and Environment.

“China has worked steadily through its recent strategic development plans to retool its economy to be more sustainable, and greener,” said Assistant Director General, Per Bertilsson. “GGGI shares these priorities, and will continue to support its green growth initiatives in China, while working to explore and leverage in partnership new innovative opportunities to deliver inclusive, sustainable growth”

Reiterated during the discussions was support for and promise of new modalities and new partnerships that a growing GGGI engagement in China offers. Chinese counterparts enthusiastically noted GGGI’s global platform to bring good practices in green growth to China on the one hand, and share China’s knowledge and experience to other developing countries on the other.

“The Government of China and GGGI are both dedicated to a greener path of development, which we can work to achieve through the collaborative sharing of lessons learned and good practices from China and the rest of the world,” said Ms. Xiaozhi Song, Deputy Director General of the International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Chinese officials also highlighted their expectation of GGGI to play a role in South-South Cooperation in terms of environmental friendly growth as well as confirming that green growth should remain at the core for economic and social development policies in China. Strong appreciation was shared for GGGI’s efforts and interests working with the Chinese government to promote the green transition.

“Though China has made great achievements in economic development for the past three decades, it is now at an important stage with changes in the economic growth pattern,” said Mr. Zhang Junkuo, Vice Minister from the State Council Development Research Center. “Green growth should be the core of economic and social development in China to achieve sustainable development. DRC welcomes the cooperation with GGGI to support the efforts of green transition in China.”

The meetings served to build support for GGGI’s ongoing work in China and generated momentum for new green growth initiatives that are aligned with the Government of China’s commitment to its Ecological Civilization principle, which envisions a low carbon economy founded on sustainable growth, remediation of environmental damage, and greater attention to human health and dignity.

GGGI has been delivering green growth programs in China since 2012.

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