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New green growth instrument launched at consultative workshop in Peru

Capture-2LIMA – February 4, 2016 – The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) today launched its latest green growth instrument, the Green Growth Potential Assessment (GGPA), during a consultative workshop in Lima, co-organized with the Government of Peru.

The GGPA methodology – developed by GGGI’s Knowledge Solutions Division – is an analytical tool that evaluates country performance in key green growth areas. The findings generated by GGPA implementation aim to help countries identify priority issues and sectors to be tackled by long-term green growth strategies.

GGGI presented the GGPA assessment for validation by stakeholders from various ministries.  The workshop came at an opportune time as the government is fast-tracking the formulation of the National Green Growth Strategy.

These efforts are being led by Peru’s Ministry of the Environment (MINAM), which is working with GGGI and other partners to identify appropriate entry points for green growth interventions in the medium to longer term.

“The National Green Growth Strategy, and the implementation of the GGPA, demonstrate Peru’s commitment to green growth as a model for achieving broader development objectives, specifically in the context of the National Competitiveness Agenda, the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), and Peru’s accession to the OECD,” said Roger Loyola, Director General of MINAM.

“In this process we have the support of GGGI, and its ample experience in supporting the delivery of green growth results in countries around the world,” he added.

The findings of the GGPA workshop revealed how green growth could help Peru address its major development challenges such as avoiding heavy dependence on natural resources, overcoming the middle-income trap, and addressing climate change threats.

“The GGPA will help ensure that the selection of Peru’s priorities and policy actions on green growth will be guided by an objective, systematic, and participatory assessment of its own unique context and conditions,” said Yongsung Kim, GGPA Program Manager.

Workshop outcomes received strong support from participants, which included officials from the ministries of Housing, Environment, Foreign Affairs, Production, Finance, Agriculture and Irrigation, Labor and Employment, Transport and Communications, Trade and Tourism, as well as bodies such as the National Water Authority, the National Competitiveness Council, National Service of Protected Natural Areas, and the National Forest and Wildlife Service.

With the validation of preliminary results and identification of priority areas, the GGPA will move to examine the underlying causes within these areas. The outcome of this exercise will form the basis for green growth policy recommendations that will conclude the GGPA process in Peru.

Read the Ministry of Environment’s press release (Spanish)

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