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Jordan adopts National Green Growth Plan

NGGP adoption-croppedAMMAN – December 28, 2016 – The Kingdom of Jordan today adopted its National Green Growth Plan (NGGP), following months of collaborative work between the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), the Government of Jordan represented by the Ministry of Environment, with contributions by line ministries and other stakeholders.

“This plan is the first of its kind in the kingdom and aims to push the public and private sectors towards sustainable utilization of natural resources in a way that provides benefit for national economy,” said H.E Dr. Yassin Al Khayyat, Minister of Environment.

Announcing the adoption of the NGGP, H.E. Eng. Ahmad Al Qatarneh, Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment, emphasized the importance of the plan for Jordan sustainable development, and the critical role of GGGI to mobilize funds and investments for enabling green growth.

The National Green Growth Plan aims to transform Jordan into a green growth economy by focusing on the six priority sectors of water, agriculture, transport, energy, waste and tourism. These sectors have been identified as high-potential growth areas, which if not managed sustainably will inhibit Jordan’s development.

The NGGP will improve living standards for Jordanians through green growth, optimizing the use of natural resources in support of enhanced growth. It will attract investments and provide new employment, investment and innovation opportunities.

“Current green growth plans will transition towards implementation by defining what should be done and how to do it well,” said Per Bertilsson, Assistant Director-General of GGGI. “The NGGP addresses project implementation barriers, identifies priority projects in the different sectors based on cost-benefit analyses, and gives recommendations to move from project planning to implementation.”

The NGGP also provides a new approach for project clustering by introducing three main green growth clusters to Jordan namely, Green Growth Corridor Cluster, Smart Urban Cities Cluster and Rural Resilience Cluster.


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The drafting of Jordan’s National Green Growth Plan started in January 2015, in close cooperation and a partnership between Jordan’s Ministry of Environment, GGGI, Germany’s Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, and the International Climate Protection Initiative.

With the NGGP in place, Jordan will continue its green growth efforts together with GGGI, seeking to strengthen Jordan’s financial management capacity and to accelerate the development of solid bankable green growth projects.

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