Press Release

Inception meeting on Sustainable Energy-Water Solutions for Medium to Large Scale Irrigation of Commercial Farming in Uganda

The Ministry of Water and Environment in collaboration with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) with financial support from the Government of Hungary, launched a project “Sustainable Energy-Water Solutions for Medium to Large Scale Irrigation of Commercial Farming in Uganda”. The project involves conducting an initial feasibility study to assess the potential of medium to large scale irrigation of commercial farming based on renewable energy solutions and sustainable water management principles for 10 potential project sites and thereafter developing business plans for 2 sites that will lead to bankable projects. A consulting firm was identified to conduct the feasibility study and has drafted an inception report explaining potential 10 sites to conduct study.

On January 17, a team of 27 stakeholders participated in the inception meeting organized to present the inception report and finding from the project consultants and the meeting was followed by discussions from the participants.The meeting took place at the Ministry of Water and Environment office in Kampala.

The stakeholders advised on the selection criteria of the investors and the beneficiary communities. Also, a list of 12 pre-selected crops to be selected for irrigation under the project was also presented. The stakeholders also advised that the focus should be for both production of crops for import and export. The representative from the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry said that Agribusiness should be fronted along side irrigation for maximum benefit. He said that instead of selling law crops and fruits, Uganda should aim to complete some of the value chains by producing processed crop.

All the stakeholders pledged to further support the project until its completion.