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GGGI’s Mongolia Stories of Change film selected as Deauville Green Awards winner

Deauville Green Award winner – GGGI’s “Transition to Green Development”

SEOUL – June 26, 2017 – The Deauville Green Awards international film festival, dedicated to promoting information shorts and documentaries advocating sustainability, eco-innovations and social responsibility, has awarded a Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) Stories of Change film an Official Winner’s Palm.

The film, Transition to Green Development, documents Mongolia’s efforts to tackle air pollution and shift to a green growth model backstopped by renewable energy and energy efficient infrastructure.  GGGI has been working with the Government of Mongolia since 2011, to transition from resource-intensive development and implement green growth.

The Mongolia Stories of Change film has been selected from the over 300 entries as a Deauville Green Awards winner under the Energy Transition category, which includes films highlighting efforts to sustainably manage resources through renewable resources.  The film will be screened on June 27 and 28 during the festival in Deauville, France.

Click on image to watch the film“Communicating the human anecdotal impact of our organization’s work is often challenging. With our ‘Stories of Change’ series, we continue to travel deep into the field to illustrate how GGGI’s policy and investment work translates into improved climate resilience for citizens all over the developing world.” noted Darren Karjama, the Head of Communications at GGGI, and the Executive Producer for the Mongolia Stories of Change film.

He added “We’re honored to have this film be recognized by the Deauville Green Awards Film Festival, but we’re also eager to see the work of others being recognized by the organizers. It is a great initiative and the focus on communicating potential for sustainability intervention narratives is critically important.”

The Mongolia Transition to Green Development film is the seventh in GGGI’s Stories of Change series, which includes films documenting GGGI’s work in Colombia, Ethiopia, Jordan, the Philippines, Rwanda and the UAE.

The 6th Deauville Green Awards festival will bring together stakeholder from the World Bank, BBC, French Ministry of Culture and Communication, IDF Film Commission, Deutsche Welle, Enedis, Euronews, RTÉ, NHK, National Parks, ITV, World Television, Radio Canada, YLE Finland, Sveriges Television, Ushuaia, GGGI, WWF, inno-vative start-ups and numerous journalists, producers, directors and agencies.

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