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GGGI Vietnam unveils ambitious green growth strategy

Workshop participant 1Hanoi, Vietnam – November 27, 2015 – Ahead of the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) global climate change talks in Paris, Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) today unveiled an ambitious five-year partnership to ensure the country’s rapid economic growth is accompanied by a sustainable, inclusive and comprehensive environmental strategy.

Vietnam is particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts; it is estimated impacts have erased 1.5% from the GDP each year between 2001 and 2010. With rising carbon emissions, Vietnam must mitigate the negative impacts of economic growth while protecting against climate vulnerability.

The GGGI Vietnam Country Planning Framework (CPF) will assist the Government of Vietnam to meet national and international commitments while sustaining and expanding economic growth opportunities in Vietnam.

The draft CPF strategy, presented to stakeholders by MPI and GGGI at a workshop in Hanoi, outlines three main objectives:

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  • Green growth should be integrated into socioeconomic planning strategies to ensure the economy expands while protecting environmental integrity
  • Vietnam’s rapidly growing cities should meet citizens’ needs by promoting sustainable production and consumption of energy and natural resources
  • Public and private finance should be channeled toward energy, transportation and industrial infrastructure that is environmentally sound


MPI Vice Minister, Dr. Nguyen The Phuong, stated the strategy would help Vietnam realize green growth goals in both the short and long term.

“In the near term, the first priority is cooperation to strengthen institutions and policies regarding green growth. The second priority is to support capacity building for the social and economic development associated with green growth, [including] the mobilization of resources for implementation,” he said.

Adam Ward, GGGI’s Country Representative for Vietnam hailed the plan stating that the strength of the draft CPF is that it “builds on GGGI’s existing program with the government of Vietnam in the urban and water sectors as well as investment guidelines, to advance implementation of green growth in Vietnam”.

The CPF is the result of intensive consultations with core green growth ministries, agencies, donors and development partners over the course of 2015. The draft CPF document was presented for comment at a workshop in Hanoi, where top experts from government, bilateral agencies, and development partners reflected on the GGGI strategy.

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