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GGGI Releases Response to Findings from External Reports

SEOUL –November 5, 2013 –The Global Green Growth Institute released responses today to two separate reports: 1) an external audit report on GGGI before it became an international organization from the Government of Korea’s Board of Audit and Inspection (BAI) and 2) a recent Joint Donor Review (JDR) of the organization by select Member countries.

“We have embraced the audit findings as an opportunity to fix systems from a time when GGGI was not an international organization,” said Howard Bamsey, GGGI’s Director-General.

“On the subject of the JDR, we particularly valued the constructive discussions with the JDR team during its visits to various GGGI sites,” Mr. Bamsey added.

The JDR team –a group of GGGI donors –conducted a review of GGGI operations. The team found that GGGI continues to undergo a double transition: to an international organization and to new management processes. The JDR team expected this transition to continue to influence GGGI for another year. They also concluded that GGGI is responding to the urgent need to transform the organization. The JDR team commended these efforts and noted early key achievements in partner countries.

“We agree with the conclusions and recommendations of the JDR, and we accept them as important to GGGI’s immediate operations and to our long-term strategy,” Mr. Bamsey said. “And while the double transition that was mentioned in the report is not yet complete, we have made substantial progress.”

Unlike the JDR, which addressed issues contemporary to GGGI, the BAI audit covered a period in the organization’s history before it was an international organization. Over the course of 2013, GGGI has put in place more than fifteen policies, procedures, regulations, and systems to address the issues raised in the audit and is currently in the process of developing 19 additional policies and guidelines that are expected to be approved before the end of the year.

“We are happy to report that we have come a long way in addressing the issues raised in the BAI report. This reform process has made GGGI a stronger organization with a stronger capability to fulfill our mission of helping developing countries with their green growth aspirations,” said Mr. Bamsey. ”

As one of the world’s newest treaty-based international organizations, GGGI welcomes these opportunities to strengthen its processes and looks forward to continue disseminating green growth on a global scale as well as continuing its partnerships with the public and private sectors.

GGGI Management Response to the Second Joint Donor Review

Status Report on the Government of Korea’s BAI Audit Findings

Annexes to the Response to the BAI Audit*

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