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GGGI Opens Copenhagen Office in New U.N. City

The Chairman of the Global Green Growth Institute, Mr. Lars Løkke Rasmussen officially opened the Copenhagen Office on May 30 together with the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Mr. Christian Friis Bach, Mr. John Christensen, Head of UNEP Risø Centre and Mr. Bruce McCarron, Regional Director for UNOPS on the occasion of DG Howard Bamsey’s visit to Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN –May 30 – The Kingdom of Denmark officially welcomed GGGI in the brand new UN City of Copenhagen with a reception and an exclusive tour of the UN City by the Lead Coordinator of the construction of the UN City in Copenhagen Mr. Lars Hørmann.

The Chairman of the GGGI Council, Mr. Lars Løkke Rasmussen said: ”Today is another step towards developing the Global Green Growth Institute into a fully-fledged international organization. I see GGGI’s location in the UN City and in a future ‘green finger’ of the UN City as having crucial importance for GGGI’s day-to-day cooperation on sustainability issues with the UN organizations. I have followed the development of the UN City for a long time and I am sincerely proud of the result. The UN City is recognized as a true ‘state of the art’ building in terms of sustainability, resource efficiency and energy efficiency and a perfect home for the Copenhagen office of GGGI. It is a perfect location for developing strong partnerships between the public and private sector in the field of Green Growth.”

The Danish Government was represented by the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, Mr. Christian Friis Bach, who highlighted the opportunity in co-location with a number of UN organizations, not least the CTCN and the SE4All Hub on Energy Efficiency. He was further looking forward to see the GGGI Copenhagen Office emerge to a PPP hub and stressed the importance of the newly entered 3GF-GGGI Partnership Agreement.

The Director of the Copenhagen Office, Hans Jakob Eriksen, concluded the speeches by thanking the representatives for their support and co-operation while in particular pointing to the important steps taken to develop a GGGI’s private sector strategy during this summer.

The official inauguration of the whole UN City where GGGI is now a part will take place on 5 July 2013. It will be inaugurated by her Majesty the Queen, the Government of Denmark and will be attended by high-level representatives from the United Nations .

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