Press Release

GGGI Launches Green Growth Program with the Government of Central Kalimantan

Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia –December 10, 2013 —Today the Global Green Growth Institute and Government of Central Kalimantan, along with the selected pilot districts of Murung Raya and Pulang Pisau, launched a ground-breaking program in support of regional green growth. The launch of this new program comes mid-way through GGGI’s first year of partnership with the Ministry of Planning and Development (BAPPENAS) of the Republic of Indonesia.

At the event in Palangkaraya, entitled “Launch Workshop for Cooperation on Green Growth”, participants included representatives from Central Government, from the Governor’s office, from departments across Provincial Government and, perhaps most notably, from the local District Governments of Murung Raya and Pulang Pisau. The private sector also participated, with representatives from multinationals and major Indonesian corporations. Other participants included environmental and social NGOs, as well as academics from the University of Palangkaraya.

During the sessions, GGGI emphasised the relevance to the regional development agenda of current work in progress, including:

1) An expanding database of “green growth indicators”, relevant to provincial and district long and medium-term development planning.

2) A Green Growth Framework assessment tool that facilitates the optimization of green economy outcomes from public and private sector projects.

3) The role of REDD+ in accelerating regional green growth, in particular through jurisdictional approaches at the district level.

GGGI and the Government of Central Kalimantan affirmed a joint commitment to develop a Green Growth Vision document for the province – integrating past and ongoing policies, initiatives and activities under a common and integrated framework. Coming 18 months ahead of the preparation of the province’s next 5 year mid-term development plan, this vision document will highlight the province’s leadership in green economy and low carbon development initiatives. It will also help to raise awareness regarding the “green growth opportunity” at the District level – itself essential if green growth initiatives are to have long-term, meaningful impacts.

In the opening speech from Governor of Central Kalimantan A. Teras Narang’s, delivered by Mr. Brigong Tom Munandas, Expert Staff on Economic Development to the Governor, he called upon all stakeholders to work with the Provincial Government, BAPPENAS and GGGI in “greening the planning process,” emphasizing the priorities of “improving the quality of life and social equity of Central Kalimantan’s people, while reducing the risk of environmental degradation,” and “increasing use of green technology and promoting environmentally and socially responsible investment.”

Central Kalimantan has a brief but significant history in green growth and low carbon development. GGGI Indonesia Country Representative, Anna van Paddenburg noted, “Green growth is certainly nothing new to the province. However, GGGI and the government recognize the need for a vision document that unites activities and stakeholders in a common framework. We hope the five dimensions of green growth, promoted through the Green Growth Program with BAPPENAS, can be applied within this Green Growth Vision, driving investments towards green growth sectors.”