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GGGI launches country planning frameworks for Colombia, Ethiopia, Mongolia and the Philippines

CS8-3_croppedSeoul, Republic of Korea – November 18, 2015The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) launched its Country Planning Frameworks for Colombia, Ethiopia, Mongolia and the Philippines for the first time today in an effort to support these countries in the transition to low-carbon green and sustainable economies and help them deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals launched in September 2015 and their national actions to address climate change. GGGI presented the Frameworks at the Eighth Session of its Council and Fourth Session of its Assembly.

GGGI Director-General, Yvo de Boer, noted “I am delighted to launch GGGI’s first four Country Planning Frameworks – which lay the foundation for our engagement with, and the design of GGGI’s projects in, Colombia, Ethiopia, Mongolia and the Philippines over the next five years. The Frameworks support the implementation of the GGGI Strategic Plan 2015-2020”.

More specifically, GGGI plans to support Colombia in its efforts to develop a national green growth vision by aligning long-term policies and financing. In addition, GGGI seeks to work closely with the government of Ethiopia to develop bankable investment projects in support of the country’s Climate Resilient Green Economy strategy. GGGI’s interventions in Mongolia include green energy and infrastructure and in the Philippines, GGGI will continue incorporating climate resilience in national and local planning and support the operations of the People’s Survival Fund.

The Frameworks were developed in consultation with the governments of Colombia, Ethiopia, Mongolia and the Philippines. This included government consultation, stakeholder meetings, technical and strategic planning workshops. These four governments have subsequently endorsed their respective frameworks.

The sessions of the Council and the Assembly serve as a platform to facilitate south-south learning among GGGI member countries in relation to green growth and the impact of GGGI in‑country programs. The Council and the Assembly is chaired by His Excellency Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Former President of the Republic of Indonesia and attended by ministers and senior officials from GGGI’s 24 member countries as well as a number of observer countries (including Colombia, China, the European Union, Germany, Hungary, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Nepal, Peru and Uganda).

About GGGI

Based in Seoul, GGGI is an intergovernmental organization founded to support and promote green growth. The organization partners with countries to help them build economies that grow strongly, are more efficient and sustainable in the use of natural resources, less carbon intensive, and more resilient to climate change. GGGI works with countries around the world, building their capacity and working collaboratively on green growth policies that can impact the lives of millions.  To learn more, see and visit us on Facebook and Twitter.