Press Release

GGGI Indonesia Launches First District-Level Activity

PURUK CAHU, Indonesia – March 18-19, 2014 – The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in Indonesia launched its first district-level activity in Puruk Cahu, the capital of Murung Raya District, in the northern most inland region of Central Kalimantan, the headland of the major Barito river system. The workshop was the first district level engagement as part of the Government of Indonesia – GGGI Green Growth Program.

Hosted by the Murung Raya District Government and co-hosted by Indonesia’s Ministry of Planning and Development (BAPPENAS) and GGGI, this one and a half day workshop was held to promote the integration of green growth principles in development planning at the district level. Participants included many government officials, and, among others, the Head of the Murung Raya Forestry Agency and key advisors to the Head of District.

Murung Raya is a district covered by tropical rainforest, which has been designated by the Governor of Central Kalimantan as a pilot district for the GoI-GGGI program. It is one of the districts in the government- driven Heart of Borneo Program, and the largest district in the province. Since its establishment in 2002, Murung Raya has steadily accelerated its economic growth to 6.69 percent in 2012, mainly from coal and gold mining and the agriculture sector.

Priorities related to among others rural income generation, infrastructure planning as well as other aspects of development, from the perspectives of a range of stakeholders, were reviewed, followed by a visual session where GGGI experts explained, through the use of many practical examples, how development can be pursued through green growth.

The methodology specifically designed for the district-level audience involves the use of giant maps, pictures drawn by the participants, and visual/graphic recording of the process.

“We have never had such a workshop before and appreciate the excellent facilitation and process,” said Mr. Beng Petony, the Economic and Development Assistant to the District Head.

Mr. Perdie M. Yoseph, District Head at Murung Raya, endorsed green growth interventions to help meet Murung Raya’s 2030 vision. He encouraged participants to use the facilitated interactive workshop to learn and align their thinking.

“More importantly, the spirit needs to be in follow up and execution (of programs),” he told a room full of top officials from all agencies in the district, including a representative from the Central Kalimantan Provincial Planning Agency as well as local NGOs and Community Leaders.

Ms. Anna van Paddenburg, GGGI Country Representative for Indonesia, discussed GGGI’s role in providing technical assistance to developing countries to promote economic development. GGGI’s work benefits urban and rural society and takes into account social cohesion and the sustainability of natural resources use.

“Through this interactive and visually-oriented workshop, we have developed a better understanding of Murung Raya’s needs and jointly identify key activities to advance green growth” she said.

The potential areas for GGGI’s technical support to Murung Raya will be outlined in a letter to the District Head. These include supporting the development of a district-wide program to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+), involving sustainable small-holder farming and green village planning, and identifying further interventions to mainstream green growth into development plannning.