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GGGI Council Approves FY 2014 Budget

INCHEON, KOREA – December 6, 2013 – The Council of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) approved the organization’s work plan and budget and took other important actions at the Council’s Fourth Session in Songdo, Incheon. GGGI also opened a liaison office in Songdo on December 4.

The Council decisions will allow GGGI to provide for the significant expansion of existing GGGI programs in the fields of green growth planning, research, and public-private cooperation.

The two day session was attended by representatives from Australia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kiribati, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.  GGGI Assembly members Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, and the United Kingdom sent observers.

The GGGI Council made recommendations on GGGI’s next strategic plan for 2015 to 2020. The GGGI Secretariat reported on developments, including specific areas in which the Secretariat has improved its internal procedures and controls.

Council Chair Lars Løkke Rasmussen said, “GGGI has come a long way since its inaugural meetings last year. I am pleased with GGGI’s progress in its transition into an international organization, a process that the Council and I as Chairman have been very engaged in and will continue to give our full attention to in the future.”

The Council also welcomed Papua New Guinea as a new member beginning in 2014 and appointed Mr. Montek Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman of India’s Planning Commission, Mr. Chung Suh-Yong of Korea University as non-state actors.

Additionally, the Council formed the Advisory Committee, composed of private sector representatives from the financial services, technology sectors as well as industry associations.

Director-General Howard Bamsey said, “This Council Session represented real progress for GGGI, consolidating our standing as an international organization. I am happy the Council responded positively to our recent accomplishments and encouraged us to press on so that we can achieve best practice in all areas.”

About GGGI

GGGI is a treaty-based international organization dedicated to developing and diffusing a new paradigm of economic growth – green growth – which integrates economic performance and environmental sustainability to help build strong and inclusive societies. Headquartered in Seoul, and with 20 member countries and signatories, GGGI works in long-term partnership with developing and emerging economies through rigorous green growth planning, research and public-private cooperation.

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