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GGGI and Portugal partner to develop inclusive growth in Portuguese-speaking countries

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Maputo, Mozambique

LISBON – June 24, 2015 – The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy (MAE) of the Portuguese Republic signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on green growth cooperation today at the 1st Conference on Energy for the Development of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries in Lisbon, Portugal.

The MoU provides a framework for GGGI and the MAE to explore green growth programming opportunities within Lusophone countries that are members the Community of the Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP).

The CPLP is an intergovernmental organization, consisting of 9 Member States, that works to facilitate cooperation among countries where Portuguese is an official language.

“This partnership agreement will help strength GGGI’s ongoing green growth activities in developing and least developed countries, and demonstrates Portugal’s commitment to working within the CPLP to support sustainable and inclusive development solutions. GGGI is already exploring possible programmes in a number of CPLP Countries. The partnership with Portugal offers an opportunity to broaden collaboration further.” said Yvo de Boer, Director-General of GGGI.

The GGGI-MAE MoU will help to achieve these results through cooperation on joint activities in sharing institutional knowledge and experience on research, policy, institutional frameworks and implementation of green growth strategies, as well as supporting the organization of workshops, seminars and training courses in CPLP countries on topics of mutual interest.

In formalizing the relationship and collaboration between GGGI and the MAE, the MoU also provides the framework for future steps towards Portugal’s membership to GGGI.

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