Press Release

GGGI and Government of East Kalimantan in Partnership for Regional Green Growth

GGGI Country Representative, Anna van Paddenburg, signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Governor of East Kalimantan Province, Dr. Dr. H. Awang Faroek Ishak.

BALIKPAPAN, INDONESIA –JULY 30 –The Governor of East Kalimantan province, Dr. H. Awang Faroek Ishak, and Country Representative of Global Green Growth Institute, Anna van Paddenburg, confirmed a partnership for provincial green growth development through signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The MoU was signed by the Governor and witnessed by more than 1,000 national, regional, and district participants of the “East Kalimantan Summit 2013”, including the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, and Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources. This major stakeholder event was organized by the regional government to facilitate stakeholder consultation on East Kalimantan’s transformational “Vision 2030” development strategy.

Vision 2030 East Kalimantan marks a turning point in East Kalimantan’s development evolution, signifying the transition from an extractives-based, resource intensive phase, into a new phase defined by green growth and sustainable development values, including:

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  • Diversification of economic activity, emphasising “value added” and downstream sectors.
  • Equitable distribution of benefits, prioritising rural development.
  • Reduced reliance on extractive sectors and natural resource exploitation.
  • Development of new and renewable energy sources.
  • Environmental protection and remediation.


Vision 2030 will be implemented through the finalization of a medium-term development plan (Rencana Pembangunan Jangka Menengah Daerah —RPJMD) for the period 2014 to 2018, which binds government departments and agencies under a common framework for action. Interim steps include the consultation and integration of RPJMD with departmental work plans, and ensuring alignment of District Governments within the master framework.

In support of the Regional Planning & Development Agency (BAPPEDA) and Council for Climate Change (DDPI), GGGI’s regional and national team will continue to provide technical input throughout this extended process of consultation, and towards finalization in 2014.

At the Summit, GGGI participated in a high-level plenary panel, presenting on the “Integration of Green Economy within Regional Development.” Anna van Paddenburg emphasized the green growth opportunity inherent within Vision 2030, demons

Following the close of the Summit, acting Regional Secretary and Head of BAPPEDA, DR. Ir. H. Rusmadi MS, stated, “Our province istrating practical examples of how green vision, applied to infrastructure investment, can multiply social, ecological, and economic output.

implementing a pilot Vision 2030 on Green Growth and we hope that the signing of the MoU will be the beginning of a strong collaboration between the province of East Kalimantan and GGGI – towards economic green growth with equity and sustainability.”

On behalf of GGGI in Indonesia, Anna van Paddenburg commented, “The Governor’s vision for East Kalimantan is impressive – transforming an economy that, until now, has been based around oil, gas and coal mining. Moving towards a more diversified economy, which is resource efficient and inclusive, is not easy. I hope that we at GGGI can be a key partner in reaching this vision.”