Press Release

Colombia approves Long-Term Green Growth Policy and sets the course towards 2030

During the National Council of Economic and Social Policy (CONPES) session on July 10, President Santos of Colombia approved the Long-Term Green Growth Policy (CONPES document No. 3934), in accordance with the goal established in the National Development Plan 2014-2018 and to which GGGI has been contributing since 2014. This policy aims to boost productivity and economic competitiveness of the country, while ensuring the sustainable use of natural capital and social inclusion, in a climate compatible manner. The policy´s view towards 2030 targets creates a long-term approach to achieving green growth, meet SDGs and NDC goals.

The formulation of this policy has been supported by GGGI’s Colombian Program in various ways. First, GGGI supported the National Planning Department in carrying out the Green Growth Potential Assessment for priority setting. Then, GGGI helped in concept preparation and implementation of the Green Growth Task Force, whose activities were carried out between 2016 and 2018. This Taskforce consisted of a robust technical process that allowed the development of more than 10 technical studies in various key areas. The GGGI team in Colombia contributed significantly to the Task Force in its design, by conducting the studies, engaging with stakeholders in technical discussions and target negotiations and preparing the policy drafts.

This policy establishes as central axes for green growth in Colombia the following: bioeconomy and forestry economy; clean energies; efficiency in the use of water, soil and energy; circular economy; science, technology and innovation; human capital and green jobs; governance, including institutional strengthening, information management and green finance. The CONPES 3934 establishes nearly 150 actions to be carried between 2018-2030, including responsibilities (more than 25 ministries and agencies are involved), goals and indicators for monitoring progress.

This policy represents a keystone in terms of public policy for sustainable development in Colombia, and sets out impact goals in terms of water productivity, waste recovery, development of bioproducts, electric vehicles, contribution of the forest economy to GDP, among others. It is expected this CONPES policy will contribute to accomplish with SDGs and Colombia’s NDC under the Paris agreement. Additionally, it allows the country to comply with commitments established in the framework of the OECD and the Pacific Alliance.

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