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Chairman Rasmussen represents GGGI at ‘House of Green’ opening in Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN – September 5 – Chairman Lars Løkke Rasmussen was invited to participate in the high level opening of the House of Green interactive clean tech showroom and Visitors’ Center in central Copenhagen along with CEOs from the energy sector, government ministers, the Director of the GGGI Copenhagen Office, Hans Jakob Eriksen, as well as H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark who is a patron of the State of Green Consortium, a prominent public-private partnership.

The showroom is intended to promote Danish clean tech solutions to the climate challenge.

Chairman Rasmussen said, “It is an honor to represent GGGI in the opening of the Visitors’ Center, which I think is a brilliant idea. The center is an excellent example of a public-private partnership, which my former government in Denmark laid the ground for. This type of partnership between the public sector and the private sector is crucial for addressing the climate change challenge and an important part of the vision of the future GGGI. I hope that the Visitors’ Center can help to promote the experience from Denmark broadly to the world. Moreover, I hope GGGI and State of Green can cooperate in the future. I will encourage the decision makers I meet around the world in my capacity of Chairman of the GGGI to come to Denmark, visit the House of Green and learn about the Danish experience.”

House of Green is located at the newly renovated headquarters of the Confederation of Danish Industries in central Copenhagen. House of Green is an initiative from the public-private partnership ‘State of Green’, which is founded by the Danish Government, the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Energy Association, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council and the Danish Wind Industry Association. It was originally launched by the Government in Denmark led by Chairman Rasmussen as the Climate Consortium Denmark in the period leading up to COP 15.

House of Green uses a combination of real-time guided storytelling tours and self-exploration to showcase Danish integrated solutions and scenarios across the landscape of energy, water, climate, resources and the environment.

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