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Cambodia looks to scale up solar PV development across the country

NEW YORK – April 4, 2017 – The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment announced today at the SEforALL Forum in New York, that they will work closely together to scale up solar PV development in Cambodia.  As part of the announcement the Ministry and GGGI unveiled plans to develop solar PV projects to enhance green growth.

Speaking during the SEforALL Forum, H.E. Mr. Sophalleth Eang, Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Environment, highlighted the significant potential for solar PV in Cambodia.

“Cambodia has made great strides in expanding electrification and energy access through solar home systems over the last few years.  Cambodia is now working to scale up solar PV investment and has significant potential for private sector investment in this sector.’’

H.E. Mr. Sophalleth Eang also spoke of the positive impact that solar PV development will have on the Cambodia energy landscape, including the energy mix and as part of Cambodia’s efforts to promote eco-tourism.

‘Cambodia is developing biodiversity corridors to drive economic activity towards eco-tourism and protect Cambodia’s forests. We want to see development of solar PV energy in Cambodia as part of our overall eco-tourism efforts.  Cambodia needs to use its energy sources wisely to drive our economic growth as well as our sustainability’.

With strong support from the Government of Cambodia, GGGI plans to develop rooftop solar PV projects in the capital Phnom Penh, and ground-mounted PV projects in Kampot and/or Kep. Ground-mounted solar PV development is in an infant stage, with the Government having issued its first tender for solar PV development in 2016. Rooftop solar PV development is taking place in the informal sector, and the Government hopes to bring it into mainstream.

Fiona Lord, GGGI’s Cambodia Country Representative, expressed her enthusiasm for this partnership with Cambodia.

“Cambodia has strong potential to rapidly increase investment in Solar PV, as an affordable source of sustainable electricity supply.  Cambodia is currently on the cusp of unlocking private sector investment in the solar PV market, for both industry and households, through development of an improved regulatory enabling environment for grid-connected solar PV.  GGGI’s support to design bankable solar PV projects, will demonstrate both the affordability and reliability of solar PV at scale”.

Suki Atwal, GGGI’s Principal Investment Specialist, moderated the SEforALL session “Get It Together – Integrating Centralized and Decentralized Energy Systems”, in which H.E. Mr. Sophalleth participated. Mr. Atwal reiterated the importance of the Government’s support and its commitment to solar PV development in Cambodia.

Moving forward, GGGI will consult with the Government on and finalize the different options for development, by examining issues such as land/site acquisition, grid capacity and connectivity, offtake agreements, and financing.

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