Preparations underway for installation of solar-powered water pumps in Vanuatu

In March, GGGI, took important steps to install 24 solar-powered water systems on 5 outer islands in Vanuatu. The work is part of the “Enhancing Resilience to Climate Change through Solar Power-driven Access to Water in Rural Areas of Outers Islands, Vanuatu” project being delivered in partnership with the Vanuatu’s Department of Water Resources, with funding from Luxembourg’s Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

Following a public tender process that focused on ensuring the sustainability of the water pump systems, GGGI initiated work with locally based company, Vanuatu Agricultural Supplies (VAS), which began ordering necessary materials and preparing sites for system installation.

The site prep-work began in the community of Malafau, on Efate Island, where community members are providing hands-on support to the project. Community involvement is very important in order to ensure ownership and therefore sustainability of the solar powered water systems.

After carrying out a basic pumping test to cross check suitability of the proposed pump, the layout of the system was presented to the community whose members suggested some changes related to the water storage and tap stands locations. These adjustments were in line with technical aspects and were therefore agreed to and validated by GGGI and VAS.