Panel discussion on human development and the planet

On January 19, Dr. Frank Rijsberman, Director-General of GGGI, took part in an online panel discussion organized by the UNDP Seoul Policy Center to mark the launch of the UNDP Human Development Report 2020. During his presentation, Dr. Rijsberman explained that based on GGGI’s experience in supporting its member governments in their transition to green economies, there are many countries that require reform in their key policy areas and such a transformation will have a critical impact on the green transition. These policy areas should be considered as accompanying measures to achieve a Green Deal. 

Marking its 30th anniversary, this year’s Human Development Report (HDR) titled ‘The Next Frontier: Human Development and the Anthropocene’, is not just another sustainability report that summarizes well-known problems and policy solutions. Instead, it focuses on how we can – and must – successfully navigate this new geological era by expanding human development in balance with the planet.