Operating a Green Home Office and interactions during COVID 19

With the COVID-19 virus forcing people to stay at home, GGGI suddenly had to support an entirely remote workforce. GGGI has highly invested in virtual systems to enable staff to work from home during the #COVID19 lockdown affecting most countries.

We are currently witnessing fewer flights, fewer workshops thus saving millions of sums of money. Do we need to rethink the design of most of our stakeholder interactions to use of online systems?

Maybe COVID19 time is teaching us to rethink how we can adopt more green practices related to travel, meetings and work from home policies.

At the beginning of the year, many countries had commitments for greening our office and events and had made our annual pledges.

Here are a few tips on how you can green your “home office” and Yourself
– Switch off your laptop
– Avoid printing just in case you picked the office printer to your home
– Use natural light during the day to save energy
– Use reusable mugs and consume local products. Avoid ordering supplies online and make sure you make your meals.
– Regularly use the virtual meetings to stay in touch with your partners.

Stay home and Be safe!