Open registration for Green Growth Training Modules

  • To celebrate the 50th edition of the International Earth Day, the National Planning Department (DNP for its acronym in Spanish), with the support of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the British Embassy in Colombia, have launched a free and 100% virtual set of Green Growth Training Modules towards building the capacities of mayors, governors, entrepreneurs, academics and citizens on issues related to sustainability .
  • Colombians will have the opportunity to become certified in their knowledge of environmental sustainability, clean economic growth and social inclusion.

Bogotá, April 23, 2020.  GGGI and the DNP, with support from the UK´s PACT program (Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions), celebrated the  50th edition of International Earth Day with the launching of a 9-module, Green Growth Online Course, available for free to the general public, public entity officials, entrepreneurs and academia. This training course has emerged as part of the implementation of the Green Growth Policy (CONPES 3935), of which GGGI played a vital role in its drafting and adoption in 2018.

“The green growth model has been implemented by different governments around the world and its impact is encouraging for the planet. That is why, through the climate finance provided by our UK PACT program, we are supporting this course, which will undoubtedly promote innovation, green investments and the conversion of highly polluting industries towards sustainable processes. This work is part of the collaboration between Colombia and the United Kingdom, as we prepare for COP 26, which will take place in Glasgow next year.” said Colin Martin-Reynolds, British Ambassador for Colombia.

The course, which can be taken from home as it is 100% virtual, covers topics such as Circular Economy, Green Business, Renewable Energies, Forest Economics, Bioeconomy, Green Jobs, among others. Nine modules have each been specially designed using clear language that can be understood by any citizen that has an interest in these topics.

The course was created under the aim of achieving two significant goals. The first, to provide tools for mayors and governors to enable them to include Green Growth projects in their territorial plans, thus strengthening the sustainable development of the regions. And the second, to spread the concepts and tools of Green Growth into the private, public and academic sectors, of which shall promote the generation of green jobs.

“The concept of Green Growth is booming in the world because it brings together two key points for the development of a country as it concerns increasing productivity and economic competitiveness, ensuring the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources. Today, given the relevance of building structural solutions that avoid vulnerability to pandemics such as the one we are experiencing, it is even more evident to make the transition to a low-carbon economy and a more sustainable development.” said Santiago Aparicio, director of the Environment and Sustainable Development division of the DNP.

“As Colombia has an extraordinary wealth of natural resources, we want to promote possible green investments at the national level and in the regions in order to generate and leverage new economic opportunities based on our abundant natural capital,” explained Carolina Jaramillo, Country Representative of GGGI Colombia.

Interested citizens can register for the course of which an array of experts have contributed to its creation, such as Hernando García – the director of the Alexander Von Humboldt Institute,  Alejandra Ospitia – President of the Producers and Marketers of Wood Association; and Santiago Matallana – Technical Vice President of the Private Council on Competitiveness, just to name a few. Successful students who complete all nine modules will be able to enrich their resumes by obtaining a certificate to officially validate their knowledge in Green Growth.

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