Norway provides $8 million for GGGI’s work in Ethiopia

Norway signed an agreement with the Global Green Growth Institute on Thursday to provide $8 million to support environmentally friendly development in Ethiopia.

Under the deal, the GGGI will lead research and help with policy planning in the African country.

Norway is a founding member and donor partner of the GGGI, which was set up by the Korean government in 2010 and became an international organization in October.

The Seoul-based institute envisages a “think and act tank” that brings together donor and recipient countries to share experiences and technology know-how for eco-friendly development.

Korea, Denmark, Australia and the United Arab Emirates promised to inject $5 million a year for “core funding,” while other donors such as Britain and Norway are contributing unspecified sums on a program basis.

Among the 18 founding members, nine countries have ratified the GGGI including Korea, Denmark, Qatar, Vietnam and Guyana.

By Shin Hyon-hee  (

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