Norway and GGGI agree to extend their partnership in deforestation control and sustainable development in support of the Government of Colombia

Bogota, February 26, 2020. Today, the Kingdom of Norway and the Global Green Growth Institute  (GGGI) have committed to extending their partnership to support the Government of Colombia (GoC) in halting deforestation and advocating sustainable development for a further three years. For this new Phase II, subnational efforts will be extended to the Departments of Antioquia, Guaviare, Meta and Nariño, as well as to the Corporation for the Sustainable Development in the Southern Amazon (Corpoamazonia). 

This new phase of partnership was developed to be in alignment with the GoC priorities that are established in the National Development Plan 2018-2020 “Pact for Colombia, pact for equity”. Committed to achieving the goals set out in the Plan, central level support will be given to the portfolios of the Ministries of Environment and Sustainable Development, Agriculture and Rural Development, Finance and Public Credit, as well as the National Planning Department, FINAGRO, IDEAM, among others. Likewise, regarding the subnational level, Phase II will promote selected Departmental and Municipal actions with national priorities, emphasizing on controlling deforestation and promoting a model of sustainable development, based on the promotion of nature tourism, sustainable livestock, non-timber forest products, and the forestry economy 

In a novel approach, the renewed partnership will develop a Project Preparation Facility (PPF)  to support the structuring of environmentally and socially sustainable projects aligned with the priorities and potentials of the regions, and that will connect the projects with financial sources. Through facilitating the investment of mixed resources, the PPF is expected to mobilize at least US$30 million for green investment, with an eventual hand-over of this facility to the GoC.  

 The renewed partnership between the Kingdom of Norway (through its International Climate and Forest Initiative NICFI-) and GGGI represents a joining of forces with the GoC to continue the important efforts of deforestation control combined with the promotion of the forestry economy, sustainable livestock, bioeconomy and landscape restoration, areas that the Duque Government already have under implementation. These efforts are part of an ongoing collaborative work to link local capacities and needs to the priorities established in the current national development plan.  In good faith, the partnership aspires to bring opportunities to the remote regions of the country, at the same time safeguarding the vast natural capital of Colombia and sustainably transforming natural wealth into wealth for the people. 

About Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) 

Norway’s cooperation branch focused on mitigating climate change through the conservation of the world’s tropical forests. NICFI is under the wing of the Norwegian Ministry of Environment and Climate, and works hand in hand with partner countries, multilateral organizations, civil society and the private sector, supporting efforts to reduce forest destruction. You can follow us on Twitter (@Climateforest; @NoruegaenCOL) 

 About GGGI 

Based in Seoul, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is an intergovernmental organization that supports developing countries in their transition to an economic growth model that is environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive. GGGI offers programs in more than 30 partner countries through technical assistance, capacity development, planning and policy implementation, helping to develop a portfolio of bankable green investment projects. You can find more information about GGGI events, projects and publications at You can also follow GGGI on Twitter (@GGGICol, @GGGI_hq) and join us on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. 



Carolina Jaramillo

Representante de País para Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia


Norway’s Embassy in Colombia