Moving forward with Nepal’s first ‘Provincial Electric Mobility Strategy’, the Government of Province 3 and GGGI hold a technical consultation

On August 1, 2019, GGGI and the Government of Province 3 held a half-day technical consultation, to support customized development of the Provincial Electric Mobility Strategy, the first of such to be prepared in Nepal. The consultation was attended by partners and representatives from the government, development, private, cooperative and research sectors.

The Government of Province 3 has committed to electrifying the transport sector in major provincial cities by 2028. In support of this ambitious goal, and upon Province 3’s request, GGGI, in cooperation with the Ministry of Forests and Environment and the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, is providing technical assistance under Phase II of the Electric Mobility Program, for the study and preparation of a Provincial Electric Mobility Strategy for the province.

This strategy is expected to set a new path for subnational sustainable transport in the country. It will be developed over the course of 2019, using deep stakeholder participation and quantitative modelling and scenario development.

Noting the enthusiasm of stakeholders during the consultation, Chief Guest of the program, Mr. Shalikram Jamakattel, Minister of Internal Affairs and Law, emphasized Province 3’s commitment to reducing fossil fuel vehicles by introducing sustainable transport options. “This is an extremely important step for the Province,” he said.

The core goal of the consultation was to present, discuss, and receive feedback on initial findings and proposed elements of the strategy, including its vision, goals, targets, and strategic interventions. The consultation generated robust and useful feedback which GGGI and the Government of Province 3 will seek to implement as they further develop the strategy.