MOU Signing with DER/FJ

At a time when the conclusions of #COP27 clearly identify the priorities for action for our States, the Global Green Growth Institute and the General Delegation for Rapid Entrepreneurship of Women and Youth – DER/FJ signed a memorandum of understanding on November 22 for an unprecedented green entrepreneurship program called “Increasing business potential in Senegal”. The objective is to provide a concrete response to the issues and challenges of sustainable development in Senegal, by creating a stable framework that will encourage and support entrepreneurs in the development of green and sustainable businesses. As response : ✅ Implementation of a fund dedicated to the financing of production in renewable energies and energy efficiency, the promotion and enhancement of non-wood products, with an ecosystem restoration component and particular attention to energy transition, green products, recovery of solid waste and sanitation by-products ✅ Creation of a green financing line ✅ Implementation of specific support for our “green” entrepreneurs Prospects which reinforce the action of the DER/FJ undertaken for 5 years: 3 billion FCFA have been invested for the rationalization of the high energy consumption in farms through solar systems, and in sanitation, via the Support Project for the Renewal of Emptying Trucks.