Milne Bay Province: First Maritime Province to Sign Up for the Green Growth & Climate Resilient Project

Alotau, Papua New Guinea, October 30, 2019

Papua New Guinea’s Climate Change & Development Authority (CCDA), Milne Bay Provincial Government (MBPG), Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and Australia’s High Commission in PNG launched the Climate Resilient Green Growth (CRGG) project in Milne Bay, which is one of the three pilot provinces where the project will be operated for the next three years.

Funded by the PNG Australia Partnership, the USD4.4 million project will be implemented by GGGI. The project aims to mainstream climate resilience and green growth priorities into provincial planning and budgeting, strengthen capacity of the provincial government in planning and mobilizing finance for climate compatible projects, reaching the 4 districts of the province.

“Milne Bay Province fully supports this partnership with the CCDA and GGGI. Milne Bay is the most climate-vulnerable province in the country, so it is fitting to strengthen our work on climate resilience and green growth here,” said Ashan Nama, Provincial Administrator of Milne Bay Province.

The Government of Papua New Guinea through CCDA is addressing Sustainable Development Goals on Climate Action through working with the provinces in identifying bankable projects. ” This partnership between GGGI, CCDA, MBPG and the Government of Australia seeks a coordinated approach to taking action on climate change. We are keen to ensure different projects at the provincial level help build resilience for our people which in turn will help us achieve climate compatible development and we hope to replicate this project in other provinces in the coming years.” said Ruel Yamuna, Managing Director, CCDA.

Papua New Guinea and Australia are both founding members of GGGI. Also, both Governments signed a Climate Action Plan in May 2018, reaffirming their commitment to work in partnership on addressing climate change challenges. “Australia stands ready and is committed to working in partnership with the Government of PNG to build a strong economy and resilient communities in the country,” said Benedict David, Minister Counsellor, Australian High Commission.

“I am thankful for Milne Bay’s leadership in this project. I strongly believe that this work will greatly facilitate PNGs efforts in its renewable energy transition, generate green jobs and provide a bridge for greater social inclusiveness,” said Dr. Achala Abeysinghe, GGGI Country Representative in PNG.

By launching the CRGG project in Milne Bay Province today, GGGI and the governments of PNG and Australia demonstrate their commitment to building a resilient economy.