“Me Planto por Antioquia”, a pedagogical resource to promote deforestation control

As part of the support framework with the Antioquia government under the Norway-GGGI-Colombia Green Growth Program to strengthen national institutional capacities, GGGI designed an educational and pedagogical resource called “Me Planto por Antioquia” (I stand for Antioquia) to promote deforestation control among the population of Bajo Cauca and Nordeste Antioqueño regions.

The document provided the theoretical foundation for workshops held by allied organization WWF Colombia for students from rural educational centers and leaders of community associations in Remedios, Segovia, and Zaragoza. As these municipalities encompass three of Antioquia’s top ten high deforestation municipalities, the aim of the workshops was to raise problem awareness and highlight the importance of forest conservation.

See the guide here. (Available in Spanish)

About “Me Planto por Antioquia

In this guide, we explore the current state of forests and their imminent risk of deforestation, we recognize their close relationship with the quality of life of people and their importance for the conservation of global biodiversity, in addition to certain actions and production practices undertaken to control deforestation and protect forest resources. This document is intended to serve as tool to empower communities in favor of forest conservation.