Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) mission in Burkina Faso

GGGI Burkina Faso team received a delegation of KOICA for a feasibility study from the 20th to 24th of June 2022. The country has been facing a humanitarian crisis since 2019 with a big number of internally displaced people (1, 902, 150). The KOICA mission was able to carry out a feasibility study in collaboration with GGGI Burkina Faso team. During the mission, they met:

– the Minister of environment;

– the finance and economy ministry team;

– the National Council for Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation (CONASUR) team;

– the Permanent secretary of the national development plan team;

– the Governor of the central-North region;

-some members of regional directors of the environment, water and economy;

– some members of regional council;

– project coordinators of the technical alliance for development assistance and;

– some members of associations that promote local initiatives in center-north region.

The discussions were about approaches to strengthen local resilience and increase income from green economy, in Burkina Faso’s current context of humanitarian crisis. The participatory and inclusive approach of GGGI contributed to update the real priorities of the North Central region, to know better the local actors, structures of the region and their respective fields of competences.

Unity is strength. It is through collaboration, agreement and consideration of regional priorities that we will be able to carry out projects that meet the needs of the population.