Greenpreneurs: the experience.

Being a greenpreneur goes beyond being part of an international competition, being a greenpreneur goes beyond getting mentorships from the best experts in sustainability issues, entrepreneurship, finance, clean technologies; being a greenpreneur is a matter of attitude, of innovating, of generating a true change to local problems with global solutions, it is not a question of competing with the other teams, but of collaborating for the same purpose that is to generate green growth for a sustainable development and collaborate in the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Greenpreneurs competition has allowed to connect 10 teams from different countries with international expertise, which has demonstrated the ability of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGI), Student Energy and the Youth Climate Lab to achieve a 10-week online program that allows that we can improve from the approach and identification of the problem to the business model and its final presentation. This is a great contribution, since startups and ideas from all over the world in different stages of consolidation have been able to grow thanks to the mentoring of experts in the field, at the same time breaking down the barriers of language and distance, as is the case with the team that I am part of which is GREENfluidics®, which represents Mexico in this competition.

In addition, the networking we have been able to achieve through the Greenpreneurs program has been valuable in our performance, as part of the personalized mentoring of our Greenpreneurs’ mentor Chuy Cepeda, which despite having a different area of ​​application but linked to the solution energetic that we propose, has collaborated with high value advice related to the presentation of a disruptive technology, since the challenge of communication is vital to demonstrate the value we add with our solution.

We also had the fortune to coincide with the representative of our country of the GGGI, Pablo Martínez, with whom we were able to discuss the action plans in which he is focused at this moment, related to the green growth of the nation, which gave us a general view of where we are going within our region, but also the opportunities that we have with the global GGGI connection. This type of meetings has allowed us to develop both communication and sales skills, as well as having another point of view outside of our comfort zone, showing the areas of opportunity that will strengthen us in the local market, thus having a closeness of support in the GGGI Mexico.

In this way we can mention that the experience of the Greenpreneurs is unique in the world, for all the value that it adds through its panel of mentors, experts in the subject and exercises for the development of the teams, for which it is an honor to be able to demonstrate in this competition what GREENfluidics is capable of achieving in the energy transition, not only of Mexico but of the world towards the use of new energies, where we want to go beyond the competition and impact on the lives of people.

Energy is everywhere, GREENfluidics #wemakeitflow

“Innovate is my passion, transform the world with biotechnology is my challenge” Adan Ramirez GREENfluidcs Co-founder and CTO