Green secondary cities plastic waste, wastewater, waste electrical and electronic equipment management through innovative business models for recycling and valorization in Senegal

On Thursday, May 23, the launching ceremony for the “Green Secondary Cities Plastic Waste, Wastewater, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Management through innovative business models for recycling and valorization in Senegal” project took place at the Radisson Blu hotel. The event was presided by the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD), co-presided by the embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Senegal, the Mayors’ Association in Senegal, the Mayors of the beneficiary cities, and GGGI, represented by Mr. Mamadou KONATE (Acting Resident Representative).

This ceremony had the objectives to: (i) officially mark the beginning of the project; (ii) share the objectives of the project with all stakeholders, its implementation strategy as well as the major activities to be undertaken to facilitate a synergy of action; (iii) foster a better understanding and ownership of the project by all the actors involved; (iv) further the exchange over the project to build consensus and facilitate the indispensable synergies to its implementation and; (v) reinforce the networking between the implementation partners and the different interested organizations by the green cities promotion model.

At the end of the ceremony, the MEDD and the Mayor’s Association expressed their satisfaction to both GGGI and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for their technical and financial assistance. The next steps of the project will consist of planning informational workshops with the cooperation of the beneficiary cities to launch local activities and put in place local technical committees.